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How to Track Clicks and conversions on Kijiji

kijiji track clicks conversions


Kijiji is a popular site that can sell your products and services. Being available globally, It gives you an opportunity to expose your business to a wide audience. Kijiji has a good FAQ section to answer any questions a person may have on how to use their process. It even provides videos in some sections to make it clear how to create an effective ad.

Creating an Effective Ad

It is free to post an ad and to reply to an ad on Kijiji. Ads are meant to generate replies. One of the best ways to do that is to create an attention grabbing headline. It needs to have keywords a consumer wanting your product or service would use to find it in a search. The kind of phrase you would type in a search engine query box. A good place to find and develop keywords is Google who gives a step by step keyword guide for its AdWords campaigns. Your ad might as well bring a smile to a viewer’s face so use a bit of humor. It makes the ad memorable and viewers are likely to tell someone about your product or service because you made them laugh. Add a picture to catch their attention and make sure your pricing for your service is at least what the market has been bearing. Or if your product is of the elite type make sure your ad highlights that fact and get the price you ask for because of your superior service.

What it Does

Once viewers click on your ad Kijiji tells what cities your ad appears in. It lets you edit the pricing of the ad and information. It has some additional features to bump up your ad for renewal or you can move your ad to the “Top Ad” position with an additional fee. At some point especially if the ad becomes successful you need in depth information on why it worked. Knowing who clicks on your ad when, why, and how helps you know how to fine tune an ad for your possible clients or consumers. To Track Kijiji Links use ClickMeter.


ClickMeter offers an easy to use way to get in depth information on ads placed in Kijiji. It monitors the number of views, who clicked and who bought the product or service in your listing (conversions). Adding a program like this to your advertising means you have a way to track all your ads in one place. Here is how to use ClickMeter:

  1. Use the feature tracking pixel. Here is a link with detailed instructions: ClickMeter tracking pixel
  2. Embed this feature into your ads at Kijiji usually at the end of a post.
  3. Publish.
  4. Now when people visit Kijiji the information is gathered within your ClickMeter account.

Reports categorize by browser information, country of origin, time the ad was clicked on, IP address and how long a person stayed on the page. Knowing information such as how long people spend on your ad tells you if it peaks their interest. Knowing who clicked and bought by region lets you customize each add for a region and increase the number of clicks. Just as equally an advertising campaign that is ineffective can become revamped to see if it will become successful. With such a tool link tracking kijiji becomes manageable and part of your marketing routine.

Kijiji is free and ClickMeter easy to use so why not spend some time trying a series of your ads in the programs. You will increase your profits and get your service known.


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