18 Top Affiliate Programs to Drive Revenue

18 Top Affiliate Programs to Drive Revenue


You’ve done the research and you feel like affiliate marketing might be the right fit for you. All you need to do now is start looking for suitable affiliate programs to join so you can start making some money. This might be the most challenging part of starting your journey as an affiliate because you have to carefully narrow down on programs that suit your image and niche as well as your choice of payment method.

Plus, you have to consider whether those affiliate programs are profitable at all or whether they have a good reputation within the landscape. So we’ve helped you narrow down on the best options. Check out these 18 top affiliate programs to drive revenue:

1: Amazon 

The Amazon Affiliates program is easily one of the most popular options in the affiliate marketing landscape. And it’s a great start for affiliates because Amazon accommodates such a wide variety of niches and there’s a good chance you’ll find something you can promote from the website. 

Affiliates under this program can earn up to 10% for the sales that they refer, with commission rates varying by niche and product type. The best part about this program is that you get to earn a commission even if the shopper you sent from your link bought something else instead of the product you originally linked to.

Amazon - top affiliate programs to drive revenue

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2: BigCommerce 

BigCommerce is a SaaS eCommerce platform that offers one of the most profitable affiliate programs. Under this program, you can earn either $1,500 per enterprise customer or 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment (about $500 per referral). This makes the program highly appealing for publishers and affiliate marketers who can target an eCommerce audience.

BigCommerce also provides affiliates with some powerful tools to track and manage their performance.


3: Bluehost

Bluehost is a popular web hosting service that lets you earn $65 for every qualified signup under its affiliate program. The program managed to pay out $5 million in commissions during 2019 alone, so you can count on its popularity and success. Bluehost even provides you with reliable custom tracking to help you keep an eye on your referrals. It also offers a wide range of promotional resources like banners and ads that you can choose from to complement your site.


4: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email service provider specifically targeting content creators such as bloggers and podcasters. Under the ConvertKit affiliate program, you get to earn 30% for every qualified signup you send their way. So for referring just 30 accounts, you could earn at least $261, and at least $435 for referring 50 accounts. 

And these are just the projected earnings for referrals on their lowest monthly plan so there’s an opportunity to grow your revenue if you refer accounts with larger mailing lists.


5: Coursera

Coursera is one of the largest online learning platforms in the world, offering 4000+ courses and specializations. The Coursera affiliate program lets you promote any of these courses and specializations and earn 20-45% for every eligible purchase made by users you referred to the platform. So it’s an excellent option because the wide variety of choices means there’s something to promote for almost every niche.


6: ClickMeter

You might even want to consider joining ClickMeter’s own affiliate program as you can earn up to 90% commission per sale. That means a single sale could help you earn up to $891 in commissions. This is extremely profitable, especially considering how the cookie lasts for 90 days. So for instance, even if the customer you referred doesn’t make a purchase instantly, you still get to earn a commission for that referral if they sign up within those 90 days.

Clickmeter - top affiliate programs to drive revenue

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7: eBay

If you’re more inclined on promoting consumer goods, you could also join the eBay Partner Network. Like with Amazon, the biggest appeal about eBay is that it has a diverse range of products to choose from so you could easily find something to promote in multiple niches. And you can earn anywhere between 1-6% of the sale, with the actual percentage varying by category.


8: Fiverr 

The Fiverr affiliate program is also a great option as you get to choose which commission plan works for you. You could either go for a dynamic CPA that lets you earn up to $150 or a fixed $10 CPA plus 10% of the revenue share from your referred sales. In addition, you don’t just earn from promoting the freelance services on Fiverr but also other products like Fiverr Pro, Fiverr Learn, and And.Co. 

So if you choose the second type of commission plan, you could earn more from referring your audience to the more expensive listings.


9: GetResponse

The GetResponse affiliate program also lets you choose between two types of commission plans depending on what works for you. You can either earn a one-time commission of $100 for every account you refer or get 33% in recurring monthly commission in case you’re looking for sustainable long-term revenue. So this program works great for affiliates who want to focus on the digital marketing and small business landscape.


10: Kabbage

Kabbage is a fintech company that provides small business loans through easy online applications.  The Kabbage referral program lets you earn $250 for every referral that qualifies for funding. Plus, you get an additional $50 once they get approved for a loan. So it’s a highly profitable option, especially if you mainly target small business owners who might require funding from Kabbage.


11: Kinsta

If you’d like to earn revenue from promoting a WordPress hosting service, you must check out the Kinsta affiliate program. This is one of the most profitable programs in the market, letting you earn anywhere between $50 and $500 based on which plan you prefer. Plus, you get to earn recurring revenue with 10% monthly commissions during the referred customer’s lifetime. So as long as the customer continues to use Kinsta, you get to keep making money from your referral.


12: Leadpages

Similarly, the Leadpages affiliate program also lets you earn recurring lifetime commissions by promoting a powerful landing page builder. The commission rate varies between 10% and 50% depending on the amount of new customers you refer to the platform. But if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you might find their payout system a little bit complicated.


13: ShareASale 

Unlike the others on our list, ShareASale isn’t an affiliate program per se but rather an affiliate network. The website connects you with a diverse range of merchants with affiliate programs you can join. So it’s a great place to start for beginners in affiliate marketing because it simplifies the search for you and you’ll have a massive product library to choose from. Payouts and commission plans vary by merchant so you just need to find one that’s right for you. 


14: Shopify 

For affiliates that target the eCommerce industry, you have the option to earn revenue from the Shopify affiliate program. Payouts vary based on which plans you refer. On average, you’ll earn $58 for each referred customer that signs up for a paid plan. But you can even get this earning up to $2000 if you refer someone who ends up going for the Plus plan.


15: Teachable

The Teachable affiliate program lets you earn commissions from referring entrepreneurs who want to create online courses. For each referral, you’ll get 30% of the sale amount. So for instance if your referred customer signs up for the $249/mo. plan, you get to earn almost $900 in commissions from the annual bill. Plus, Teachable also offers recurring lifetime commissions so it’s an excellent option to drive sustainable income for the long run.

teachable - Top Affiliate Programs to Drive Revenue

16: Typeform

You can also sign up for the Typeform agency partner program and make money from referring its form and survey builder. This program is for marketing agencies who can earn commissions from offering Typeform design as part of their services. Besides getting 20% off on your own subscription, this program lets you earn 20% in commissions for every new Typeform subscriber you refer.

tytypeform / Top Affiliate Programs to Drive Revenue

17: Wix

Wix not only provides sophisticated website designs but also a profitable affiliate program. With the Wix affiliate program, you get to earn $100 for every referral that turns into a sale. Plus, the program doesn’t put any caps on commissions so you get to keep maximizing your income. One of the most refreshing parts about this program is the constantly updated collection of creative resources that can help you increase the impact of your affiliate marketing efforts.


18: WP Engine

You can also make good money from promoting the WP Engine plans. The WP Engine affiliate program is one of the best in the market, as it lets you earn a minimum of $200 in commissions for any WP Engine sale. Under the same program, you can also earn 35% of the sale for referring StudioPress themes — this makes it one of the top affiliate programs to drive revenue. 

WP engine / Top Affiliate Programs to Drive Revenue

The bottom line

As you can see, affiliates have a bunch of programs to choose from to begin their journey and maximize their income. But keep in mind that signing up for multiple affiliate programs also comes with complications. You’ll have to keep track of your link performance and payouts under each program and this can get confusing if you do it separately. So consider using ClickMeter to manage all your affiliate links in one place and keep track of your performance.


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