Click fraud protection. How to Discover and Analyze Malicious Fraudulent Clicks

Malicious Fraudulent Clicks - ClickMeter Blog

LinkedinTwitterFacebookRedditStumbleUponDiggemail  All digital marketers will attest that current click fraud protection is an art form and not a science. The only way to bridge the gap between art and science is data. With the ability to record up to 34-data points this is how ClickMeter helps its users identify and analyze when they believe they’re…

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How to Track Clicks and conversions on Kijiji

kijiji track clicks conversions

LinkedinTwitterFacebookRedditStumbleUponDiggemail  Kijiji is a popular site that can sell your products and services. Being available globally, It gives you an opportunity to expose your business to a wide audience. Kijiji has a good FAQ section to answer any questions a person may have on how to use their process. It even provides videos in some…

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ClickMeter video tutorials now available!

ClickMeter video tutorials

LinkedinTwitterFacebookRedditStumbleUponDiggemail  ClickMeter user experience is based on simplicity. That said, I understand not all marketers have the same knowledge and learning time. Therefore we decided to produce a complete series of tools and contents to let our customers learn how to have the most from ClickMeter. The new platform is full of tooltips and the…

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