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Content marketing is a great way to spread the word about your products. The more interesting your articles are, the more they will be shared. The more visitors will come back to your blog. And, eventually, the more conversions they will lead to.

But content marketing isn’t just about creating great content. Distribution and promotion are just as important. That is why we decided to share a list of the top places to submit your blog posts for some exposure. These sites will help web browsers discover your content.

The best places to submit your blog

Ajdee (25$)
Ajdee Web Directory – online since January 2004
Add your blog here

Your free pr dofollow link
Add your blog here

AllForBlog (FREE)
Free Blog Directory
Add your blog here

Blog-Directory (FREE)
Directory of Blogs
Add your blog here

blog-Search (FREE) 
Search for a blog, add your own blog or grab an RSS feed on the blog topic of your choice.
Add your blog here

Blog Announce (9.95 – 49.95$)
Amplifies Your Blog
Add your blog here

Blogdirectory (FREE – 49$)
Directory of quality blogs
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Blogflux (FREE)
Over 160,000 blogs listed
Add your blog here

Bloggeries ($75)
We hope you learn some great blogging tips and find some new blogs to read in our directory.
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Bloggernity (FREE)
Blogger Search Directory
Add your blog here

Blogging Fusion (FREE – $49.99) 
Blog Directory
Add your blog here

Blog Hints (FREE-$39.95)
Blog Directory and Search Engine
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Bloglines (FREE)
“the best resource for local blogs, news, and events”

Blog Listing (FREE) 
Greatly increase your blog’s own strength and increase traffic
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Blogorama (FREE)
Submit your blog for FREE
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BlogRollCenter (FREE)
Blog directory – submit blog & RSS feeds
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Blogville (FREE)
Blog Directory
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Boingboing ($$$)
Inform us of your travels, videos, features, archives, reviews
Add your blog here

Botw ($149-$299)
Best of the Web – since 1994
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Ezilon ($$$)
Regional Web Directory and Search Engine
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NetworkedBlogs (FREE)
Great Content Meets Great People
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Ontoplist ($$$)
Multiple Effective Tools to Promote Your Online Presence
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Spillbean (FREE)
Blog Search Directory
Add your blog here

Once you create interesting content, have it looking great, publish it on your blog and have finished the promotion, it’s time to measure your results.

Measure how many times your articles were clicked on and how many conversions are coming from each article.

ClickMeter tracking pixels and conversions codes allow you to easily measure visits and conversions. If your blog runs on WordPress, then you’ll love the ClickMeter WordPress plugin too.

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Originally published: July 25th, 2014.
Updated: December 26th, 2018.

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