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Creating an ultimate squeeze page can transform an ordinary website into a money-making venture. A squeeze page, also known as a landing page, bears a close resemblance to a television advertisement. With catchy words and bright, inviting colors, a squeeze page offers visitors the chance to read a quick summary. A website without eye-catching squeeze pages is not reaching its full potential, nor is it attracting enough prospective customers.

Here is some useful advice on how to create effective squeeze pages to generate high-value web traffic that converts in prospects or in real sales.

Create a Free Email Course

Every person wants something for free. Designing a free email course is one excellent way to guarantee repeat visits and email subscriptions. Business owners need to think about the types of products and services they offer. After serious reflection, it is easy to put together an instructional email course that relates to the offered products and services. The idea is to capture the intelligent visitor’s attention by offering a chance to learn about a topic. Design a simple online form for visitors to fill out and submit. Include a section for an email address. Once a website owner has accumulated hundreds of inquiries about the email course, the entrepreneur has also gained a new email subscriber list.

Offer a Free and Compelling eBook

Intelligent consumers are always looking for free and informative eBooks they can download. Inviting visitors to download a complimentary eBook is one way to entice visitors. Make the eBook relevant to the website’s main purpose. Do not turn the eBook into a long sales pitch. Instead, offer educational material. Business entrepreneurs who do not know how to write compelling literary works of art can hire professional content writers to write one or more eBooks.

Offer Visitors a Dazzling Squeeze Page

Impressing website visitors means that business owners need to compel them to stay on their websites long enough to submit their email addresses. People surfing the Internet for items or services do not have enough time to spend on boring websites. A squeeze page featuring attractive colors and readable fonts, combined with a free course or eBook, can help a budding or established business CEO establish a reputable online presence. Another strategy involves presenting a squeeze page with a good layout. Make the landing page user-friendly, intriguing and appealing to the eyesight.

Link Tracking Keeps Track of Conversions

A good link tracking service ensures that business owners can track links to their original sources. Additionally, every online business owner needs to keep track of conversions. An entrepreneur wants to know the actions of each visitor. One person may have signed a form to take a free eBook course. Another individual may have signed up for a free email course. Someone else may have bought an item or subscribed to a service.

Remember to Include a No Thanks Button

While squeeze pages do attract a certain percentage of visitors, other people think of them as nearly intolerable. Yet, these individuals may eventually sign up for email subscriptions. The best way to ensure that every person ends up as a loyal customer is to include a large, welcoming No Thanks button on the squeeze page. If people are interested in the items, they will click the button and continue to study information found on the actual website. Others may not need to venture any further than the squeeze page. Grow an online business by offering something that relates to each visitor. Help every person find a valuable product or service via an inviting squeeze page.

A squeeze page can strengthen the customer journey, increase web traffic and lead to higher sales. Let us know what you’re doing to optimize your squeeze pages, and if you’ve been able to utilize any of our tips in the comments below!

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Originally Posted: 11th July 2014
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