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Spam trigger words to avoid in email subject line

Spam trigger words in emails subject

The subject line in an email is the first thing a recipient sees, making it one of the most important parts of an email. Whether you are creating an email marketing campaign or sending internal communications to your entire company, the subject line will define how your emails are received. But, what happens if your email never even makes it to your audience’s inbox because of spam trigger words in the email subject line?

Most people use subject lines to determine if a message is important enough to be opened, or if it can wait for later, or if it will be deleted. According to It-Rate.co you should use Spam checkers before sending emails, It is always advisable to check your email for SPAM before sending it to your recipients. The spam checker filters email content and, in turn, helps improve email delivery speed.

More importantly, subject lines separate intentional emails from spam. The last thing you want is for an important email to find its way into a spam folder. So in that spirit, we present you with the top 100 spam trigger words that are guaranteed to make your email appear unimportant and spammy. Avoid them at all costs!

Spam trigger words in email subject

  1. !!!
  2. $$$
  3. 100% free
  4. 100% satisfied
  5. Act now
  6. Additional Income
  7. Amazing
  8. Anything that looks like you are YELLING
  9. Apply now
  10. As seen
  11. As seen on
  12. As seen on TV
  13. Avoid
  14. Be your own boss
  15. Buy
  16. Buy direct
  17. Call now
  18. Cancel at any time
  19. Cash bonus
  20. Cialis
  21. Clearance
  22. Click here
  23. Collect
  24. Contains $$$
  25. Contains word ad
  26. Credit
  27. Dear [Somebody]
  28. Dear Friend
  29. Direct email
  30. Discount
  31. Dont delete
  32. Double your
  33. Double your income
  34. Earn
  35. Earn $
  36. Earn extra cash
  37. Eliminate debt
  38. Extra income
  39. Fast cash
  40. Financial freedom
  41. For Only
  42. For you
  43. Free
  44. Free access
  45. Free gift
  46. Free info
  47. Free Instant
  48. Free offer
  49. Free Samples!
  50. Friend
  51. Get out of debt
  52. Hello
  53. Hidden
  54. Home based
  55. Home employment
  56. Hot
  57. Incredible deal
  58. Information you requested
  59. Instant
  60. Levitra
  61. Life Insurance
  62. Limited time
  63. Loans
  64. Lose
  65. Make money
  66. Medicine
  67. Meet singles
  68. Money
  69. Mortgage
  70. Multi level marketing
  71. No fees
  72. Notspam
  73. Now only
  74. Numerical digits at the end
  75. Offer
  76. Online degree
  77. Online marketing
  78. Online pharmacy
  79. Only
  80. Only $
  81. Open
  82. Opportunity
  83. Order status
  84. Orders shipped
  85. Passwords
  86. Promised you
  87. Refinance
  88. Removes
  89. Reverses
  90. Satisfaction
  91. Search engine listings
  92. Serious cash
  93. Spam
  94. Stock alert
  95. Subscribe
  96. Terms and conditions
  97. Why pay more?
  98. Winner
  99. Work at home
  100. Work from home

Now that you have a list of words not to use, take a moment to consider how to construct an effective subject. The best rule of thumb is to simply say what you mean in a subject line. All too often, email subjects are overly vague and meaningless. If your email is important, place a snippet of its importance in the email subject line. If you are trying to reach customers, use the subject line to begin the sale. Don’t hide your pitch or use the subject line to try to trick your recipients! Be direct and be relevant.

This is just one piece of a larger project. Your ultimate goal is to get your content in front of the right people. And that’s what we are all about here at ClickMeter. Once you’re ready to send out the email, ClickMeter helps you with setting up email tracking to get more in-depth insights on how many people opened your emails and how effective your subject lines were. To learn more about discovering who opened your emails: check out, Clickmeter.xyz/tracking

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Originally Posted: June 25th, 2014
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