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software best practices


Managing billions of data every day is our job. We are not perfect but we are learning constantly from day one. Two years ago our engineers started refining our internal procedures to optimize the output of our efforts. We would like to offer our customers the best possible experience and we are focusing on these main targets:




User experience

We are modeling all our job around these four points and you will notice big improvements in our new marketing tracking platform. Our best engineers Max, Vlad and Gianni wrote tons of documents, designed smart process and made long meetings to design the current platform and architecture. We know much more could be done and we are super-committed trough the way of perfection 🙂

In the meantime, we would like to share some infographics created by our team with all engineers, project managers, product managers, software architects and everyone who may be interested in software best practices. They contain very simple and probably known concepts. We discovered that often the simplest concepts are the most important yet the easiest to forget. That is why we tried to summarize some of them and we hung a copy on the wall of our offices. Please feel free to do the same if you feel these contents could be motivating for your project.

Please note: All posters are available in high resolution just clicking on each image.

Software best practices MANTRA
software best practices ZEN
software best practices DATABASE

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