ShareASale review

shareasale review


ShareASale is one of the top affiliate marketing services available on the Internet today. ClickMeter uses this network as a way to find new affiliates to promote our services. That is why we wrote this ShareASale review.

With well over 2,500 merchant contacts, ShareASale presents a broad range of opportunities for affiliates to choose from. Merchants are arrayed in categories for convenient searching, and can also be accessed through a separate search function that looks for available promotional offers. Sign-up is trouble-free, and once approved by ShareASale, your individual sign-ups with each specific merchant are streamlined, since your information is already documented and available.

Finding the best merchants, products, and offers for your website is also quite easy. Aside from the helpful categories, specific search features include the ability to search and sort merchants by earnings per click over 7-day, or 30-day periods, for example. Sorting can also be done by commission amounts or alphabetically by merchant name.

When the affiliate selects merchants and their offers to promote, the site constructs a merchant database complete with service/product information and tracking URLs for monitoring affiliate sales. You can easily replace these URLs with a ClickMeter tracking link so that you will be able to track clicks and conversions in real-time and understand how to optimize your affiliate activities. Highly useful reports can then be generated and displayed, revealing daily statistics, activity summaries, total revenue, and specific transaction details. The reports are customizable for tailoring the information most useful for the affiliate’s purposes.

Among the useful features is ShareASale’s Create-a-page function. The program will generate a separate page for each product designated by the affiliate, with a pre-coded clickable link to track sales. Also available are an assortment of widgets, an email list generator, and video creation tools.

Ease of access is streamlined to be highly functional, with an easy-to-locate help center, contact, and FAQ resources. Sign-up is quick and painless, and banners across the top and bottom of each page provide logical access to tools and features. The top banner is also collapsible to increase workspace when banner information is not required.

In summary, this is a highly professional site with a broad selection of available merchants. The management of your account is easy and provides all the information you will need to find and utilize the merchants and offers that are most compatible with your specific website, niche, and clientele. This is affiliate marketing made easy.

Originally Posted: July 09th, 2014.

Post Updated: December 28th, 2021.

The online service helping advertisers, agencies, affiliates and publishers optimize their conversion rates through the management, tracking and monitoring of marketing links. Through an online dashboard or API integration users have access to a portfolio of tools including: click and conversion tracking, short links using user’s domain, split A/B testing, dynamic traffic redirect, landing page monitoring and more.