SlideShare marketing: How to use it to promote your site

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SlideShare began with the goal to “share knowledge online”. Since then, it has grown into the world’s largest community for sharing content and presentations.

Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare seamlessly shares content with the LinkedIn community. With SlideShare marketing, you can easily upload presentations, infographics, videos, PDFs, and webinars directly to LinkedIn. With 60 million visitors per month and 215 million page views, SlideShare is one of the top 120 most visited sites in the world.

All of that establishes SlideShare as a valuable online tool. But the question is how can you harness its power to promote your website? We’ve compiled a list of tools and tips to help you with your SlideShare marketing efforts.

Tips for SlideShare Marketing:

1. Create Viral Content

The SlideShare homepage features the community’s most popular content. If you have a piece of content that’s successful enough to reach the homepage, it will go viral. This will quickly expose your brand and boost your website’s traffic. It’s worth investing time and money into creating great content that has the potential to go viral.

2. Embed Your Slideshare Into Your Site

When you embed a SlideShare presentation directly into your site, it improves the SEO of the presentation and your site.

3. Create Presentations from Your Most Popular Content

Google ranks popular SlideShare presentations higher than blog posts, news stories, and sometimes even YouTube videos. It’s easy to turn your best pieces of content into a SlideShare presentation so give it a go.

4. Take the Time to Optimize Your SlideShare Presentation

Seek out tutorials and videos that will help you to optimize your SlideShare presentation. HubSpot and Search Engine Journal have some good advice to get you started.

5. Name Your SlideShare Presentation Carefully

The file name of your infographic or presentation becomes the URL so choose your keywords carefully and make them a part of the title.

6. Include a Call to Action in Your SlideShare Presentation

Invite readers to visit your website, find more great content on your blog, like your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter.

7. Keep it Short

Share “nuggets” of information and direct readers to your website to “go in depth.”

8. Include Keywords in the Body of Your Presentation

Remember that SlideShare will transcribe presentations, so be sure to include keywords in recommended density throughout your presentation.

9. Hyperlink Your Presentation

Here is a tutorial on how to create clickable links in your SlideShare presentations. Make sure to link to your website or a PDF version of the slideshow.

10. Add Relevant Tags

SlideShare stats show that tags increase searchability by as much as 30%.

11. Include Your Website URL in the Description

When you create a description of your SlideShare presentation, be sure to include a short paragraph with keywords about your website and the website URL.

Tools for Optimal SlideShare Marketing:

1. Infographic Templates

Use pre-made infographic templates to create eye-catching graphics fast. This will let you invest more time in researching content that might go viral while maintaining a professional and clean design. Tools like Canva and Venngage all offer useful templates.

2. Awesome Screenshot

Different from other screenshot tools, Awesome Screenshot will actually screenshot anything on the internet and edit it from directly within your browser. Very handy and time-saving.

3. Snagit

Snagit is another popular screenshot tool from Tech Smith. This also allows users to take screenshots and easily edit them, but it can be used to capture video recordings too.

4. PowerPoint Alternatives

Fact! Not everyone has Microsoft PowerPoint. That’s OK. There is a plethora of free slideshow creating software on the web. Here are some recommended by technology folk. Socusoft’s Photo to Video Converter and DVD Slideshow GUI come highly rated. Alternatively, do a Google search for “free slideshow software.”


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