ClickMeter software best practices – We love our Job

software best practices

TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinemailManaging billions of data every day is our job. We are not perfect but we are learning constantly form day one. Two years ago our engineers started refining our internal procedures to optimize the output of our efforts. We would like to offer our customers the best possible experience and we are focusing on these…

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How to exclude some ip address from my reports

exclude ip address

TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinemailSometimes you need to exclude from your reports clicks and views coming from certain computers and networks IP addresses. This is useful especially in case you do not want your company internal clicks to be counted or if you noticed too many clicks coming from a particular IP that could be a bot or a…

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How to pass parameters to a destination URL through tracking links

Use parameters with tracking links

TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinemailYou can pass parameter values to your tracking destination URL using the options available in ClickMeter. To do so, please follow the steps below. Create a tracking link using the destination URL as{id} (Please note the syntax {id}. Here you will pass the value for the parameter “myparam”. ) Your tracking link will be…

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Different click types: Unique, not unique, spiders…

click types

TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinemailWhat are the differences between the click types? It is the question we just received in our support email from Jenetra. In CM there are four types of clicks: Uniques:
 “Made from a real users” – these clicks represents the number of visitors who clicked on a tracking link or visited a webpage. We check…

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The importance of measuring

the importance of measuring

TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedinemailInternet is the only media that allows such precise and real-time tracking of the results on advertising actions. “if you cannot measure it, it does not exist” Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) said it more than 100 years ago and this is now an important truth about web advertising. That’s why we adopted this famous sentence…

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