Can You Trust The Numbers?

Can You Trust The Numbers - ClickMeter Blog

  In the world of digital marketing, every ad tech service provides their users one form of analytics or another.  Either through their dashboard, their interface or upon request these platforms provide their users’ evidence that their services are performing, providing value and delivering on what they promised. There is an inherent conflict of interest…

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Tips, Tools and Resources to Build Incredible Newsletter Campaigns

Tips Tools and Resources to Build Incredible Newsletter Campaigns - ClickMeter Blog

  Newsletters are an essential element in successful marketing campaigns; regular contact with your customers will drive sales and encourage brand loyalty. What’s the best way to drive click-through rates? What are the elements of successful newsletter campaigns? These five tips will help you achieve newsletter optimizations for your next campaign. Develop a Goal for…

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Internal link tracking

Internal Link Tracking - ClickMeter Blog

  When we speak about link tracking the first thought is always external tracking. How are my digital marketing efforts performing? How can I optimize to improve? I’m guilty of this each and every day. Internal link tracking But there are applications for tracking links internally within your company. Large multi-national corporations that have offices…

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301 redirect and PageRank optimization

301 redirect seo

All link tracking services (such as ClickMeter) track clicks on your links through URL redirection (also called URL forwarding). The threat is due to the PageRank dilution. In fact all redirect techniques (302, meta refresh, etc…) decrease your link power in search engines (and particularly in Google). The best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice for…

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Advanced IP Privacy in Analytics

advanced ip privacy in analytics

Is your company compliant with privacy laws using a web analytic tool? Although major analytics tools do not associate the identity of the user with data they store, legislation (especially in European countries) is becoming increasingly severe. The main concern is that the IP address sometimes allows identification of the computer or the company the connection…

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30+ best ways to Track your Links

Track your links

Ad trackers normally help you discover how many views, clicks and conversions have been generated from your ads (banners, emails, text-links, posts, etc…). Most advanced services (like ClickMeter) also provide additional info about the source and let you compare different creativities and campaigns. Some, including ClickMeter, allow you to redirect visitors based on the special…

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