301 redirect and PageRank optimization

All link tracking services (such as ClickMeter) track clicks on your links through URL redirection (also called URL forwarding). The threat is due to the PageRank dilution. In fact all redirect techniques (302, meta refresh, etc…) decrease your link power in search engines (and particularly in Google). The best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice for…

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Advanced IP Privacy in Analytics

Is your company compliant with privacy laws using a web analytic tool? Although major analytics tools do not associate the identity of the user with data they store, legislation (especially in European countries) is becoming increasingly severe. The main concern is that the IP address sometimes allows identification of the computer or the company the connection…

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30+ best ways to Track your Links

Track your links

Ad trackers normally help you discover how many views, clicks and conversions have been generated from your ads (banners, emails, text-links, posts, etc…). Most advanced services (like ClickMeter) also provide additional info about the source and let you compare different creativities and campaigns. Some, including ClickMeter, allow you to redirect visitors based on the special…

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How to Track Email Conversions

email conversion tracking

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel used to drive sales and connect with your customers. According to Mckinsey, email is nearly 40 times more effective in acquiring a customer than Facebook and Twitter combined. Unlike social media channels, which are mainly used to increase brand awareness and engagement, email marketing allows you to follow…

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50 SEO Best Tools

Best Seo Tools

  Successful Internet marketers and SEO experts are always looking for the best tools for optimizing websites and move their search engine position higher. Check out this list of SEO best tools and affiliate marketing resources, we hope it’ll be useful to make easier daily tasks like content creation, link search, analysis, link acquisition. Competitive…

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