How to Make Money on Pinterest

How to make money on pinterest


A lot of chatter these days is about Instagram and TikTok and how to build a following and make money on these networks. 

One platform many people have forgotten about that’s as good as (if not better) for making money is Pinterest. The organic average order value on this site is slightly higher than networks like Facebook and Instagram. And significantly higher when you consider ads. 

make money on pinterest

The number of Pinterest users recently climbed to 459 million users. There are a lot of people to reach. 

To help you make money on Pinterest the right way, I’ve shared some top strategies below.

Start a blog

If you use the same techniques used on TikTok and Instagram to make money on Pinterest, you’ll fail. These sites are traditional social networks where most of the interactions happen in the feed itself. Pinterest is a different breed. It’s more akin to YouTube. 

Pinterest has social features such as following and comments, but it also has search features. Many people visit the site to search for products and articles and save the images that appear or visit the websites the images link to. 

This is why the best way to make money on Pinterest is to start a blog, optimize it for monetization, and drive traffic to it. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get this right.

Write buyer intent blog posts:

Buyer intent blog posts are posts on topics such as “X best tools” or “reviews” or “X best alternatives.” When people look for topics such as these, you know they’re ready to buy. If you want to generate more money from your blog, you should write more posts like these. 

An example is this post on the 14 Best QuickBooks Alternatives for Your Business Accounting

how to make money on pintrest

It discusses the best tools in detail and links to them with affiliate links

You should write posts like this. When people visit your website from Pinterest and click the affiliate links and buy the products, you’ll get a percentage of the sale. 

Another example is this one on the 24 Best PRM Software [Partner Software Solutions]

The post doesn’t have affiliate links, but it contains a link to its own product at the top. The site will generate revenue when people buy its products through the post. 

Even if you don’t include affiliate links to products, you’ll benefit from these posts as you’ll attract high-quality traffic that is ready to convert. If you track these visits and convert them through other methods, you’ll still generate revenue. 

Combine with how-to posts:

The problem with buyer intent posts is that they tend to get fewer shares and have lower search volumes. This is why you should combine them with how-to posts on topics people want to read more. 

In these posts, you can share helpful tips and add links to buyer intent posts. For example, if you wrote a post on How to Grow Broccoli at Home, you can place a call to action such as “here’s a list of the best tools for starting a home garden” or “here’s a review of ______ Spade.” 

The how-to post will get the traffic and divert it to the buyer intent post. 

Another post type that attracts good traffic is a “free tools list.” People are always on the lookout for free tools to help their businesses. They tend to generate more shares and have higher search volumes. Most of these visits won’t convert to sales, but some of them will be interested. 

You can divert some of these visitors to your “paid tools” lists or convert them to leads like in this post, The 10 Best Free SEO Courses Available Online

seo courses

The site promotes its free course at the top and converts traffic to leads. You’ll also find information on its paid course. Some of the visitors will buy the product. 

Embed a Pinterest optimized image

Pinterest is a visual network. You can only pin images and videos. To get the traffic, you should make a Pinterest optimized image and embed it in the blog post. This is a 1,000 X 1,500 pixels image. These large portrait images do well on the network. 

This is the ideal size recommended by Pinterest, but they don’t always have to be of this size. As long as the aspect ratio of the image is 2:3 and the contents are clear, it should be fine. For an idea, check out the image for the post on the Best Grill Accessories.

grilling example

Like in this image, add the title of the blog post, as it can attract more attention and clicks. Also, optimize the alt text with keywords. These will automatically appear in the description. As mentioned, Pinterest is also a search engine where people look for keywords. If pins contain the right keywords, they’ll rank higher when people search, and you’ll get more clicks and traffic. 

After you embed the image on your website, share it with your followers as this will send some traffic. This initial spike in traffic will result in more when these visitors pin the image you embedded. 

This can seem like a lot of work, but the leading Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind, has both scheduling and image creation features built-in (a feature called Tailwind Create), so you can quickly create images and schedule them all from one dashboard.

design settings

Optimize for conversion:

The percentage of people who will directly buy the product from your blog posts is usually low. It’s because most don’t know you and are unsure about the credibility of your recommendations. 

This is why you should optimize the post for conversion by adding an opt-in box in the sidebar, header, footer, etc. You can also add popups and links to landing pages at the bottom of the post. These can prompt people to sign up. Here’s a popup that appears on the posts on the AppSumo blog.

email popup

You can nurture subscribers with more free content, build trust and promote your affiliate products again. This will magnify your revenue as email usually generates more sales than social media and blogs. 

Also, you get their email address. Instead of relying on that one initial sale, you can promote more products and sell multiple times to the same person. This will magnify revenue. 

Do affiliate marketing directly on Pinterest

The above method is the best way to make passive income through Pinterest. But if you want something easier, you can share links directly on Pinterest. Here you do the keyword research to find buyer intent topics that your audience searches. Then make an image that promotes a product they’re interested in and link to the landing page directly. 

affiliatelink pinterest

Source: Be Wild Influencer

Also, write a keyword-optimized description and mention that you added an affiliate link like in the above pin. 

Only use this method if you’re promoting products that cost less than $100. As people are very unlikely to purchase expensive products directly. It is better to use my above method of writing a blog post, converting the traffic to leads, and then selling it. 

You can promote more expensive products with a direct link if the company you’re promoting gives you an affiliate link that leads to their funnel. This way, they’ll handle the nurturing, and you’ll get a commission when the sale happens. 

Become a Pinterest manager or virtual assistant:

If you’re very good at Pinterest marketing, you can offer Pinterest management services to businesses. Depending on your experience, you can either work as a Pinterest manager or a virtual assistant. 

Managers usually have more experience and charge more, and virtual assistants charge less and work with smaller businesses that can’t afford managers. If you have little experience, you can start as a virtual assistant and upgrade to a manager after gaining experience and testimonials that validate higher prices. 

When beginning out, you can use sites like Upwork or Fiverr to look for clients. But don’t rely on these sites long term because many people are hunting for a bargain. 

Use these freelance listing sites as a stepping stone to attract better clients. Your work from here will lead to experience, testimonials, and case studies which you can use to build a funnel on your website that attracts better clients. 

If you already have the experience and the results to prove that you can get results, you can directly reach out to big companies via cold outreach or through ads and promote your services. 

Also, you don’t have to only provide organic management services. There’s a significant demand for media buyers who specialize in networks like Pinterest. 

Promote others services

If you aren’t a Pinterest expert or don’t have the time to offer services, you can make money by referring services offered by other marketers. Some agencies will pay $100+ for every client you refer. You can also promote other types of marketing services. These include SEO, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, etc. 

Another option is to work with an agency or manager that offers white labeling. This is where the client hires you, but you don’t do any work or very little. The agency will do most of it. They’ll even create a report for you with your branding. 

This way, instead of making a one-time referral fee, you get recurring revenue. Just make sure that you charge more than what the agency charges. For example, if the agency charges $700 for managing an account, you can charge $800 or $900 and keep the difference. 

Start an e-commerce store

People aren’t just visiting Pinterest to look for articles; they’re also looking for products. This is why the average order value is higher. It’s a great place to sell products. 

Setting up an e-commerce store is easy nowadays as there are so many builders. You also don’t have to create your products, as you can dropship them. But to get maximum revenue, it’ll be better to create your own. 

They don’t have to be physical products as you can also sell digital products such as ebooks, premium blog posts, and online courses. 

The key here is to create stuff that your audience wants to buy. So, survey them before you begin creating. 

For some inspiration, check out Ana White’s blog


Ana started a blog where she shared DIY furniture tips. It got massive amounts of traffic from Pinterest

Team up with brands and agencies

Just like on other networks, brands are looking for influencers on Pinterest. If you have a large following and can drive engagement and traffic, you can earn some good revenue. Whenever you notice a brand using influencer marketing (and your following consists of their audience), you can reach out to them and inform them that you’re interested in collaborating. 

Another way to get work is by teaming up with an agency. Many influencer marketing agencies specialize in Pinterest influencer marketing. They usually work with a lot of clients at a time. If you team up with them, they’ll have regular work for you. But they might not pay as much as a brand would pay if they were directly working with you. As they need to pay you and the agency. 

Here’s an example of a sponsored post between Ellos and Only Deco Love. 


Source: Only Deco Love

Only Deco Love published a post promoting Ellos products on its blog and pinned it on Pinterest. 

When collaborating, companies will either give free products only or provide both the products and a sponsorship fee. The route they go with will depend on their budget and your follower count and reach. 

Sometimes companies won’t pay you upfront but will offer a better affiliate cut. You’ll get a higher cut of the sale than other people. 

Scale with ads:

Whether you’re running an e-commerce store or monetizing with your blog, or offering services, there’s a limit to what you can earn from organic marketing methods. This is why you should supplement it with Pinterest ads to scale results. To get this right, make sure you measure and track KPIs such as average order value (AOV), return on ad spend (ROAS), and return on investment (ROI). You can only run ads in the long term if you make a profit. 

Now make some money on Pinterest

Pinterest drives high levels of engagement, traffic, and sales. Its users are open to purchasing more products and services. Also, the competition on this network isn’t as immense as on other networks such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

This is why if you want to generate quick results, Pinterest is a good alternative you should try out. An even better strategy is to supplement your presence on these platforms with Pinterest to reach more people and boost your revenue. 

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Rachel Bowland is the content manager at Social Marketing Writing and Creatiwitt.


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