Links rotator

Links Rotator


Our links rotator is one of the best rotator solutions in the market.

You can rotate, cloak, track and monitor all your links for free.

With ClickMeter If you need to rotate marketing or affiliate links with different criteria you can do so in minutes without any technical skills and or without installing any code.

How a links rotator works

After you log into your ClickMeter dashboard you can create a rotator following these two simple procedures:

A) Click on the “CREATE NEW” button on the top right of your ClickMeter dashboard.

create new link rotator for free

B) Configure your rotator using one or more of the available options.

links rotator

There are currently four different ways to rotate your links but we’ll continue to add new options in the near future:

ClickMeter links rotator comes with the following features:

  • Create unlimited rotators
  • Rotate up to 50 websites or affiliate links in each rotator
  • Advanced redirect modes:
    • Sequential: split traffic evenly
    • Weighted: you decide the % of splitting
    • Random: casual routing
    • Spillover: different landing pages for the same visitor
  • Discover which destination URLs was accessed more
  • Find out which landing page converts more
  • Cloak destination URL and protect your affiliate code
  • Limit the hits for any rotator
  • Rotate other ClickMeter tracking links: sum other redirection options (eg.: by language, mobile, etc…)
  • Rotate other rotators for complex nested setups
  • Edit destination and rotator settings anytime and real-time
  • Pause/Activate any URL in rotator
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • It’s free with your ClickMeter plan

 Why a rotator is so useful?

When you are running marketing campaigns you should use a rotator for different reasons:

  1. A/B test
    Rotate different landing pages, track conversions and see which message converts more. You will be able to optimize your conversion process.
  2. Show visitors different contents/messages
    If a visitor is clicking on the same ad again, you have the chance to show them different messages so you can capture their attention and optimize the outcome.
  3. Load balance your incoming traffic
    You can split the traffic on different site, landing pages or servers so that the load will be distributed.
  4. Share traffic with other merchants/partners
    In case you decide to “group-buy” some traffic you may want to split the traffic and the cost between more partners.
  5. Share traffic between different customers
    You may want to split the traffic from your links to different customers based on the amount they are paying.

More and updated info about ClickMeter Links Rotators can be found in our knowledge base:

Post Updated: August 1st, 2021.
Originally Posted:
June 13th, 2019.