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Internal link tracking

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When we speak about link tracking the first thought is always external tracking. How are my digital marketing efforts performing? How can I optimize to improve? I’m guilty of this each and every day.

Internal link tracking

But there are applications for tracking links internally within your company. Large multi-national corporations that have offices globally or national retailers that operate stores nationally need to understand how effective their internal communications are. Within these massive organizations there are now multiple channels with multiple platforms used to communicate.

It’s no secret people are creatures of habit when it comes to their email. Some emails don’t stand a chance even if they get through the SPAM filters. Personally, I rarely will open an HTML email since I’m 99.99% sure it’s a boilerplate template mass email soliciting services. Don’t worry all the HTML emails I send you are individually constructed and written :). The point is if an email is internal or external people are predisposed to not open or will simply delete if they deem the message “worthless”. If this is the case, how can companies measure the effectiveness of an internal notice?

Given today’s information technology explosion companies now have multiple channels to communicate internally. There is always the good ole fashion intranet, traditional email, multiple chat providers like Google Hangouts or HipChat, Slack, project management platforms like Asana, human resources tools like Fifteen Five or private social media accounts like Facebook. If you’re responsible for internal communications how do you know if your colleagues are opening the links or emails you send?

Internal link tracking example by Spacely Sprocket

Internal link tracking tool

Let’s take a national retailer called Spacely Sprockets with stores across the 50 United States. There is a surplus of sprockets and an internal message is sent to all managers of an upcoming sale exclusive to Spacely Sprocket employees. As the head of communications how will you know the effectiveness of this message? Just like you would create campaigns for digital marketing efforts large companies can create campaigns for each month of the year. Using the tagging feature to tag the links with relevant associations. Creating links for each platform and channel a user can now measure the effectiveness of their communications (email opens, clicks of the link etc). Companies can now measure which channels employees are clicking.
A user could associate conversion to the landing pages to measure if employees are not only opening the emails but also clicking and viewing the page (assuming a full page load and conversion pixel is firing means they are reviewing the page).

Need more info about Internal link tracking?

Any reason digital marketers use link tracking externally for their marketing purposes can be applied to track internal communications as well. To learn more about how ClickMeter can assist your company better understand how to measure the performance of your internal communication please contact:
support @clickmeter.com

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Originally Posted: 23rd February 2016
Last Updated: 3rd April 2019

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