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how to track your Tumblr visitors

Wondering if your Tumblr posts are working for your audience? Clickmeter offers a Tumblr visitor tracker so you’re able to know what articles are being read, and which photos are being viewed.

It’s time to know if your posts are working or not!
How many people read your articles or watch your photos? When? From where?
It’s easy to know: just add an invisible, smart and very precise counter to your Tumblr blog. It’s very simple to set up.

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How it works:

A) Open your account on ClickMeter
B) Create a tracking pixel (Video tutorial)
C) Insert the resulting “tracking code” code in the “description” (body section of the HTML code) of your blog

Now sign in your ClickMeter account and find out:
– time of visit
– Country
– Browser
– City
– Unique or non-unique visitor
– Plus much other info about your visitors.

And there’s more!

A) Share the info with your visitors:

  • Create a guest account
  • Assign the Tumblr tracking-link to this guest
  • Publish the private-link in your blog.

We have done the same with the above private link. Or with the link, you see to the right of every page on our blog.

B) Track conversions
With just a simple setup you will know if people coming from your blog are subscribing or buying from you:
How to track conversions (video)

Need more info?
Write to us:
A screenshot of the guest management table, available for every subscription (including FREE):

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Originally published: August 9th, 2017.
Updated: March 13th, 2019.

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