How to Improve Your Affiliate Marketing With Visuals

How to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals


If you own a blog that reaches a significant number of visitors, you probably know what affiliate marketing is about.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing; it’s not about magically generating passive income. It’s about implementing successful marketing tactics that will help you build an audience and, by extension, make companies in your niche want to do business with you. 

In this post, I am going to give you five ways to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals. 

Here are the five techniques we’re going to cover:

  1. Create a better on-site experience by using visuals
  2. Create infographics and other linkable assets
  3. Share better content on social media
  4. Establish trust by using testimonials
  5. Use “As Featured On” badges and boost your social proof

Let’s get right into it.

What is Visual Content & Why Does It Matter?

Before we get in-depth about how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals, it’s important to understand what visual content isThe following definition by Backlinko explains it nicely and clearly.

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 1

Image Source: Backlinko

In other words, visuals are image-based representations. Additionally, they are presented in a variety of forms, such as infographics, diagrams, and charts. Some of these forms will be analyzed later in this post. 

That’s all good, you’d think, but why do I need to use visual content? Because, when it comes to content creation, visual content is a component of great significance. In the post that I referred to earlier –  the one from Backlinko – we get some very interesting information about why visuals matter. 

Let’s look at the graph below:

back linko 

Image Source: Backlinko

Marketers have realized the power and effectiveness of visual content in terms of a piece of content’s performance and reach to the audience. 

For that reason, almost one third, more specifically 37%, of marketers have stated that visuals are their second favorite type of content, right after blogging; the most popular one. Our post on visual content creation also provides some very interesting points. 

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 3

Image Source: Visme 

More specifically, I think the five bullets above really speak for themselves so I’m not going to elaborate too much on them. 

What I definitely want to point out, though, is that visuals, images, infographics, etc., are a very important ingredient of successful online content that leads to good conversion rates.   

Let’s look at one more source that supports the importance and effectiveness of visual content for businesses

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 4

Image Source: Visme

The graph above shows that over 50% of content creators that work in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) online businesses focus on creating visual content. That’s how important it is. 

Now you know what visual content is and why it matters so much. 

Let’s move on and check out 5 ways you can use visuals and incorporate them into your marketing strategy, more specifically into your affiliate marketing strategy.

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Technique #1: Create a Better On-Site Experience

Your blog is a very powerful tool through which you can showcase what you have to offer to today’s online landscape. 

A successful blog is a space where users find information they’re looking for. Also, it’s where they find a product or service that matches their needs. Therefore, it’s important to have a blog that provides users with a positive on-site experience

A positive on-site experience definitely includes beautiful visuals and an eye-appealing combination of text and graphics across the website. Let’s see how the successful e-commerce and marketing blog Bootstrapping is doing by using visuals in their posts. 

Because of the reasons we’ve looked at, and probably for tons of other reasons as well,  they seem to put lots of effort into making their website beautiful and easy to navigate around. 

Below I’ll show you what some of their visuals look like. 

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 5

Image Source: Bootstrapping 

Just from looking at their home and landing pages, we see that one of their top priorities is to create a good on-site experience for their users. We can also see that they care about the look of their website and have tried to make their visuals unique and beautiful.

We’ve now established that well-curated visuals should be an important part of your website and that they can help improve on-site user experience. 

Note: There can be other ways you can create a great on-site experience for your website. For example, you can add a live chat function to let visitors talk to you whenever you’re online. Keep in mind that a great user experience is multi-faceted and doesn’t depend on just one element being perfect. 

I know that not everyone is a master at design and visuals creation though. That’s why I think that our Visme blog graphic templates can be of use to everyone. 

For professionals that want to experiment and try out new styles and combinations, but also for design beginners that want to experiment and seek to create nice graphs easily, it’s the perfect tool.

Let’s now look at some of these visually striking and colorful templates that can help you improve the on-site experience of your visitors and make your blog graphs more playful and interesting. 

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 6

Image source: Visme

They’re eye-catching, aren’t they?

By creating a better on-site experience for your users, that goes along with beautiful and well-made visuals, you’re also moving closer to affiliate programs that can generate income for your company. 

Technique #2: Create Infographics & Other Linkable Assets

The second tip I have for you to help improve your affiliate marketing is to create infographics and other linkable assets

Infographics are a great way to make your blog post more appealing and draw attention to specific points you want to make. Well-made infographics can also be great linkable assets. This basically means that they can bring backlinks to your blog. 

Since this post is about explaining and improving the way your affiliate marketing works, I think that you’ll find it useful to see how infographics can help you achieve your goal and expand your affiliate network. 

First, I want to start by showing you that, according to Google, there’s always interest in the term infographic.

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 7 

Image Source: Google Trends

Sure, there are ups and downs that relate to specific events and trends. However, the long-term interest for infographics is visible and stays present within the online world. 

You can, of course, expand the use of visuals and use a variety of them, not only infographics. I’m going to use an example that will make my point clearer. 

An affiliate marketer, with a passion for wellness and health, managed to make his blog very popular, with over 60,000 monthly unique visitors by using charts and interactive visuals that he made with Visme

The blogger used a high-ticket affiliate marketing model for his blog and as he explained:

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 8

Image Source: Visme 

For that reason, he went on and created a comparison chart that became a hit!

Let’s look at the chart.

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 9

Image Source: Human Food Bar

The interactive features, like the “shop for it” button I’ve highlighted for you, definitely help the blog to reach more visitors but also make it more linkable. Just by looking at the comparison chart, we can see that it drives you to share it on social media, right? 

Note: Besides being shareable, infographics are also great when it comes to building inbound links for your website. It’s actually one of the best formats to use when doing PR outreach for your piece of content. 

The chart makes you want to look at it because it collects useful information, but also because it’s eye-catching and pleasant to look atIf you feel like interactive comparison charts like the one above could be useful in some of your blog posts, you should definitely try to make one. 

They’re easy and very quick to make by using Visme’s comparison chart maker.

Below I’ll be showing you five easy steps to create your own comparison chart. 

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 10

Image Source: Visme

Try it out and you’ll be amazed!

We’ve now talked about infographics and other visuals that could help you make your blog more linkable. A key result should be to help you improve your affiliate marketing and bring you an affiliate income. 

Technique #3: Share Better Content on Social Media

For many of us, sharing content on social media is part of our everyday life. It’s how we communicate and connect with others. It’s also a way to promote your content and your products and services. 

For that reason, the third tip I have for you is about the quality of the content that you’re sharing. In a few words, it has to be good!

Let’s look at how an SEO expert, and one of the most inspiring marketing figures in the industry like Rand Fishkin, is curating the content that he shares with his audience. 

linkedin screenshot

Image Source: LinkedIn

The screenshot above comes from Rand’s LinkedIn account. As we can see, he posted a very interesting graph to explain a theory called “The Marketing Flywheel”. The reason I’ve highlighted the number of likes and comments on the screenshot is to show you that aesthetically appealing content can generate a buzz. In other words, when you post something that’s eye-catching, your audience is more likely to interact with your post. 

Of course, Rand is far from being an affiliate marketer, but this principle applies to almost all cases. Having said that, if you want to use your content to promote your affiliate marketing, you can be sure that well-curated content will help you reach your goal and attract companies to do business with you. 

Note: To automate the process of sharing your content on social media, make sure to use a social media scheduling tool. This will make your life much easier and help you save valuable time that you can invest into creating better content.

Simply put, beautiful social media content, such as graphics or charts, can help you generate interest around your website and content.

I want to draw your attention to something though. Let’s look at the extract below. It comes from a Visme blog post on 13 Types of Visual Content to Share on Social Media.

last one

Image Source: Visme

I encourage you to read the whole post and see what kind of content you should be sharing and on what platforms. For now though, let’s say that you want to focus on your business’ Instagram presence. 

Everyone knows that Instagram is all about great content, otherwise your posts will go unnoticed and won’t lead to affiliate offers. On Instagram, you can share physical product images, photographs with faces, quotes, and whatever else you like. 

No matter what type of content it is that you’re sharing, it has to look good so you can come closer to monetizing your marketing effortsYou could start using Visme’s Instagram templates so you can make sure that your content includes beautiful visuals that will attract affiliate partners. 

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 12

To cut a long story short, good visual content can make a huge difference to the engagement your content receivesUltimately, it can help you improve your affiliate commissions on affiliate sales and expand your affiliate networks.

Technique #4: Establish Trust With Testimonials

We’ve now established the importance of sharing high-quality content when posting content online. The fourth way relates to the establishment of trust with your audience by using testimonials

Testimonials work in a similar way to product reviews and provide statements that testify to the high qualifications of your service or products. 

Simply put, by using them you enhance your credibility. This will make companies want to work with you and have you promote affiliate products for them.

Let’s look at an example. Content marketing blogger and influencer Adam Enfroy, who performs successful affiliate marketing,  places two testimonials from experts on his homepage. 

See below:

pat flynn

Image Source: Adam Enfroy

That’s a very nice testimonial left by Pat Flynn that definitely establishes credibility for Adam’s skills. It makes it more likely for small businesses, as well as more well-known ones, to trust Adam to be a part of their affiliate marketing programs. 

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 14

Image Source: Adam Enfroy

The screenshot above shows how persuasive a good testimonial can be

Ryan Robinson gives a statement that definitely establishes trust in the way Adam is producing and promoting his content. Such testimonials are very likely to bring more and more traffic.

Note: This type of testimonial and visual communication can also work great when it comes to membership sites or creating and selling online courses. In general, keep in mind that when you’re trying to monetize your audience, make sure you always establish credibility first. 

Below is the upward traffic going to the website. 

how to improve your affiliate marketing with visuals - pic 15

Impressive, isn’t it?

But what’s even more impressive is the fact that affiliate marketing, among other successful marketing strategies, not only causes an upwards drive in traffic but also creates an increased income according to Adam’s income reports

google search

Note: The reports are published online and can be found with a quick Google search.

We notice that numbers get higher every month and we can assume that there’s a relationship between successful affiliate sales and increased income

After talking about building trust with the use of testimonials on your website as part of your digital marketing strategy, we’re moving on to the last method. 

Technique #5: Use “As Featured On” Badges 

This last technique is firmly linked to the previous one in terms of establishing trustHere, I’m talking about the use of badges, such as “as featured on” badges

We should start with an example to make it understandable.

The screenshot below comes from the website of the successful entrepreneur Ryan Robinson. 

ryan robinson

Image Source: Ryan Robinson

We can see how he uses his “featured on” badges as a clever way to enhance his credibility and show visitors to his website that he’s doing serious business.

These badges establish trust between him and potential collaborators. In other words, they attract businesses that would potentially like to work with him and promote their own products or services through his popular blog. 

Additionally, as shown on the screenshot above, Ryan manages to rank very high in search engines, even though the terms are very competitive

last picture -

That’s not an easy task to achieve. It takes time for a broad audience to trust you and choose your content over that of others in today’s highly competitive online marketplace

Those badges can help you boost your authority and social proof and establish trust for people visiting your website. 

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it but you nevertheless need to be able to demonstrate that blogs and other professionals in your industry trust you and support you. 

This is a surefire way to gain the support and trust of your audience. 

And… we’re done with our suggestions on how you can improve your affiliates either by using direct visual stimuli, such as infographics or by showcasing testimonials and establishing trust.

Let’s wrap this up and close with some final thoughts.

Wrapping Up

I hope that you now know a bit more about how affiliate marketing works and how you could make use of it and expand your affiliate network

As mentioned before, the competition between bloggers for the popularity of their content over others is indeed very high. That shouldn’t mean that you get frustrated over your google analytics reports and that your efforts will not give you any payout. 

On the contrary, it should mean that if you can invest your efforts into brand building and creating original content, you’ll manage to build connections with affiliate websites. When it comes to affiliate programs, you should be honest and establish trust with your audience and associates through your web pages.

If you’re at the point where you want to improve your affiliate marketing, take this post step by step and make sure that you’re doing all that’s outlined above. 

Make sure that the quality of your content is high and that you’re using some imaginative and unique visual content, such as infographics and other linkable assets. This will help you improve the performance of your marketing channels and it’ll ultimately make people want to do online business with you. 

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Go for it!


Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 16.57.03Author Bio: Farzad Rashidi is the co-founder of Respona, the all-in-one PR and link building tool that combines personalization with productivity. He also runs the marketing efforts at Visme, where he helped the company gain over 5 million users and pass 1.5M monthly organic traffic. Since then, he’s been helping other companies achieve the same success via Respona.


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