7 Ways to Earn Links To your Site

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Despite all of the claims that “content is king”, the fact is that it’s actually just the king’s helper. The real king is the link. Search engines use a huge number of methods to determine its top ranking content, but none produce results that are as reliable as scoring the links coming into a particular page on a website. Therefore, links are key and it’s important to earn links back to your website if you’re serious about SEO.

This means that sensible webmasters are always looking for more links because this produces the most reliable results in search engine ranking positions. There are many ways to earn links to your content, ranging from begging individual webmasters to using tools that can spam out millions of comments per hour. But every method is not held in equal stead by Google.

Here are some of the best ways to earn links that will be “counted” by Google:

    1. Define your audience

      This seems so simple, but in reality, many people have trouble defining their audience. The result is a site that rambles all over the place without ever satisfying the needs of any specific group. This type of bland, directionless content draws no links. It’s better to focus on a narrow band of people who are looking for solutions and advice on a specific issue.

    2. Create evergreen content to effortlessly earn links

      Content isn’t king, but it definitely has a big place in any link building strategy. After all, bloggers, content creators and other publishers need reliable, quality content that they can link to!

    3. Target a niche audience

      This evergreen content should target the niche audience you identified in Step 1. Remember that not everyone is at the same experience level, so publish some articles for amateurs, some for intermediate readers, and some for advanced visitors. This will broaden your appeal, while still targeting a specific audience and demographic. Cover each topic your audience is interested in thoroughly.

    4. Be the best in your field

      Another important point to keep in mind when creating evergreen content is that yours will have to be better than what’s already out there. Every niche has seemingly been written about 10,000 times already, so you’ll need to beat it with quality. Improve on what’s already out there and answer questions that haven’t been fully explored.

      Though, you should avoid the urge to look for really weird takes on a subject, because nobody will be searching for it. Instead, simply go for better quality in terms of the use of language, answering anticipated questions, making use of videos, and other such things.

    5. Publish infographics

      Coming up with an original infographic can be hard, but refurbishing an outdated one with fresh information is quite easy. According to the Search Engine Journal, infographics and other visual materials pick up plenty of links, so using some sort of visual content should be part of your overall strategy.

    6. Ask for links with a unique twist

      One suggestion is to look for sites in your niche that are accidentally linking to 404 pages. Contact those webmasters, let them know about the dead link, and suggest that they link to your live page on the same subject instead. Some will go ahead and do it because your handy link will save them from having to go find one.

    7. Use tools to discover where competing sites have gotten links

      Tools like SEMRush and Moz’s Link Explorer can reveal many of your competitor’s links. It’s often possible to reverse engineer a site’s link building strategy this way, and then copy the good parts.

These tips can get you started on your quest to earn links and boost your SEO rankings, but it’s always a good practice to revisit link building strategies every couple of years to catch up on changes.

Of course, there are other methods for earning links, but mass linking tools don’t involve your site actually earning them. Un-earned links tend to get ignored by Google – and may even result in penalties for your site. So it’s safest to stick to the methods that can stand up to a manual check by the search engine giant.

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