Data Driven Innovation: Ingesting Click Data for Analytics

Data Driven Innovation


Anyone working closely with the CTO of their company knows just how difficult, and oftentimes “thankless” the job can be. People seem to only notice when something goes wrong with a customer’s experience, or when the internet isn’t working at world class speeds around the office…

But what about all of the little things behind the scenes the CTO is doing day-in and day-out that make the lives of the staff and your customers so much better?

Last week (May 21, 2016) at the Data Driven Innovation Conference, Francesco Furiani, the CTO of ClickMeter delivered a presentation on the topic: “Ingesting Click Data for Analytics.”

Click Data for Analytics

About the Data Driven Innovation Conference

Data Driven Innovation is the first Open Summit on Big Data, hosted by Università degli studi Roma Tre, Codemotion and Fondazione Centro di iniziativa giuridica Piero Calamandrei.

The summit is focused on technological, economic, legal, and social perspectives on “Big Data.”

ClickMeter CTO, Francesco Furiani – Presentation

In the presentation, Francesco speaks about the challenges he faces every day as the CTO of a “Big Data” company, along with the best practices and tools he and his team have adopted to take on those challenges.

click data
Francesco Furiani at Data Driven Innovation Summit – May 2016

Key Takeaways from the Presentation:

  1. How to meet the needs of your customers in a timely fashion
  2. How to effectively overcome the problems you’re going to face
  3. Choosing the right stack of tools and using them to your advantage

Check out the PowerPoint presentation here on Slideshare!

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Originally Posted: 23rd February 2016
Last Updated: 22nd May 2019