Commission tracking and time to conversion

Time to conversion and commission tracking


Commission tracking and Time to conversion are two of ClickMeter’s features, which can help you get even more from your conversion tracking process.

Here, we give you a rundown of each and how you can set up your account to track them.

Here is a taster of how the features appear in your account:

As you can see, at the moment, we’re not tracking commission values in our account so all the corresponding cells are null. Both the commission tracking and time to conversion features can be activated from the “gear” button on top of the conversion list report.

Commission tracking

Commission tracking is an especially useful feature if you pay partners and affiliates – or if you yourself are paid based on the number or value of conversions you produce. Whether this is based on ‘pay per conversion’ or ‘pay per lead’ etc, you can dynamically track the value of the commission by modifying it directly in the thank you page.

This modification is very simple if you are a developer. Otherwise, ask your technical team for help or or hire a developer. We also created this great how-to video tutorial about advanced conversion tracking if needed.

Time to conversion

Purchases, signups, and all sorts of other conversions don’t happen immediately after a prospect clicks on your ad. Normally, after the click, people read more information from the page they land on. Or sometimes they decide to wait and do more research before coming back days, or even months later. So the average time between the initial click and the end conversion can vary a lot. Our feature shows the distribution of time to conversion, or T2C, for each of your conversion processes. This can be very useful if you want to optimize your conversion rate or plan some new marketing strategy, such as remarketing.

Below, you can see an example of the distribution of time from clicks on an ad to the conversion. In this case, you can see how lots of users purchase immediately or else wait and decide within the next 24 hours.


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Originally published: November 18th, 2013.
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