ClickMeter video tutorials now available!

ClickMeter video tutorials


ClickMeter user experience is based on simplicity. That said, I understand not all marketers have the same knowledge and learning time. Therefore we decided to produce a complete series of tools and contents to let our customers learn how to have the most from ClickMeter. The new platform is full of tooltips and the support center contains documents, FAQs and all useful info about link tracking, conversion tracking, affiliation marketing, source tracking, etc.

Last week we started with a useful series of short videos (screencast) explaining, in some minutes, the most important features in ClickMeter: useful use-cases and best-practices. A wise man once told me the best way to learn something are Video Tutorials 🙂

At the moment we created just some videos, but we’ll continue with new ones every week. The best way to know when a new video will be ready is to subscribe to our YouTube channel. All of the videos are also available in the support center: ClickMeter.com/Tutorials

So whether you are a seasoned ClickMeter expert or a recent user take some minutes to increase your knowledge and discover all the benefits of ClickMeter Tracking Platform.

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