Why ClickMeter is secure and reliable

Secure reliable clickmeter link tracking


It’s easy to understand why redirects and reports are super important for who invest time and money in web-marketing. A tracking link not able to redirect to destination URL or a report displaying wrong data could really be a great issue! We work hard every day to ensure the maximum reliability of redirects, reports and APIs.
clickmeter uptime reliable and secureReliability, security and up-time are checked every minute automatically (ClickMeter uptime) and many times a day “manually” by our best engineers. A year has passed since we started monitoring up-time publicly and we moved from 99.95% to more than 99.99% uptime. The four nines uptime means that, on average, system may be down less than 5 minutes every month. This is one of the highest level of SLA (Service Level Agreement) you can get on the Web, since 100% cannot be guaranteed.

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