Improved Backend Platform with New Architecture!

ClickMeter new Platform
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As part of our mission to consistently provide value to our customers at ClickMeter, we are constantly improving and evolving the overall user experience. In that spirit, we’re excited to announce the new and improved platform (in beta version) complete with a new database system which will help things run more smoothly and set the groundwork for integrating all our new upcoming features.

The new hybrid database architecture ( SQL and Non-SQL) improves all functionalities related to tracking, redirection, and the storing of data allowing for better performance and scalability. With this new system, data has been structured in a more coherent layout which allows for new features.

Another evident change on the ClickMeter stats dashboard is the faster response times for our “Tops” category stats. Previously, you would have had to wait through long page load times because real-time stats were integrated into the overall report. The processing and aggregation of the current-day data was causing the increased waiting time. Now you can see the stats more immediately because they only show you the aggregated data up until the previous day.

We’ve also changed how some reports are prepared. It used to be that conversions were treated as part of the total number of clicks in a given period. Conversions are now extracted from the number of unique and non-unique visitors and will no longer be counted as part of the total clicks. The method of calculating conversion rates has also been updated for more accuracy.

As we transition over to the new platform please remember that it’s currently in beta phase and there will be some minor functionality issues. We know that these changes are going to improve user experience, but, as with any update, unforeseen issues are bound to arise. Rest assured, we’re continuing to work on perfecting this new platform and won’t stop until it works flawlessly! And, as always, your feedback during this transition is greatly appreciated and will help us deliver you more value and a better product experience.

Keep in mind!: During this process you’ll be able to switch between the old and new panels. Modifications to your tracking links, pixels, campaigns, and so on will be reflected on both platforms.

To access the new platform, log in in your ClickMeter account and click on the button you can find in the top right of the page. This is how it looks like:


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Davide De Guz
Founder and CEO at ClickMeter, he has more than 15 years of experience in Internet business as entrepreneur and top consultant. He is the author of many articles regarding Internet and new technologies