301 redirect and PageRank optimization

301 redirect seo

All link tracking services (such as ClickMeter) track clicks on your links through URL redirection (also called URL forwarding). The threat is due to the PageRank dilution. In fact all redirect techniques (302, meta refresh, etc…) decrease your link power in search engines (and particularly in Google). The best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice for…

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Advanced IP Privacy in Analytics

advanced ip privacy in analytics

Is your company compliant with privacy laws using a web analytic tool? Although major analytics tools do not associate the identity of the user with data they store, legislation (especially in European countries) is becoming increasingly severe. The main concern is that the IP address sometimes allows identification of the computer or the company the connection…

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Spider Bots on Twitter

Spider bots twitter

Are your Twitter metrics Human Users? For Social Media Managers (SMM) to effectively track their online marketing initiatives, on platforms like Twitter, they need to be using metrics that clearly differentiate between human-clicks and non-human-clicks. Why is this so important? The human-clicks are the clicks that count, and having these clearly separated from all the…

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Meet ClickMeter at Web Summit

Clickmeter @WebSummit

ClickMeter will be at the Web Summit, one of the most important worldwide events for startups taking place in Dublin from 3rd to 5th November. During our time at the venue we will connect with influencers, users, startups and entrepreneurs to show them our product, how it works and what it is. ClickMeter allows brands…

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Links rotator

Links Rotator

We are happy to announce ClickMeter released the new links rotator. Our new links rotator is one of the best rotator solutions in the market. You can rotate, cloak, track and monitor all your links for free. With ClickMeter If you need to rotate marketing or affiliate links with different criteria you can do so…

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