Internal link tracking

  When we speak about link tracking the first thought is always external tracking. How are my digital marketing efforts performing? How can I optimize to improve? I’m guilty of this each and every day. Internal link tracking But there are applications for tracking links internally within your company. Large multi-national corporations that have offices…

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Can You Trust The Numbers?

Can You Trust The Numbers

  In the world of digital marketing every ad tech service provides their users one form of analytics or another.  Either through their dashboard, their interface or upon request these platforms provide their users evidence that their services are performing, providing value and delivering on what they promised. There is an inherent conflict of interest…

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Tid conversion tracking

tid conversion tracking

If you are an affiliate marketer and you’re subscribed to one (or more) of the more popular affiliate networks such ClickBank, Shareasale, LinkShare, CommissionJunction, etc… You may find our tid conversion tracking technique very useful. What is a Tracking ID (TID, SID, CID, U1, AffTrack, etc…) Affiliate networks generate a specific affiliate link to track traffic you…

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YouTube Link Tracking

youtube link tracking

YouTube began as a way for individuals to share their personal videos; however it has become a valuable tool in the social media arsenal for businesses to add valuable content, educational information and promotional videos. Videos are one of the favorite methods of disseminating and sharing information on the Internet, and businesses that take advantage…

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What is Opt-In Email Marketing?

opt in email marketing tips

Recent legislations are being enacted around the world against email spam, which impose stringent fines and other penalties on those that send it. Many marketers are once again taking a close look at just what kind of email marketing is actually safe to use. What constitutes spam varies by nation, but in all known cases,…

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