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Can You Trust The Numbers?

Can You Trust The Numbers - ClickMeter Blog


In the world of digital marketing, every ad tech service provides their users one form of analytics or another.  Either through their dashboard, their interface or upon request these platforms provide their users’ evidence that their services are performing, providing value and delivering on what they promised. There is an inherent conflict of interest and or bias when a platform provides analytics to demonstrate their value. What incentive does a platform have to provide raw performance metrics?  We’re not insinuating there is malicious behavior or altering of data, but in a world of analytics, the power of numbers is all in how they’re presented. How do agencies, affiliates, advertisers and publishers have confidence the services they’re using are providing actual results?

The power of checks and balances usually lays in the adoption of independent third parties. This is due to third parties having no skin in the game or incentive to provide unflattering results. Third parties have no motivation or reason to not provide raw honest analysis. Their purpose is to provide performance metrics of the services currently being used. Managing the marketing ROI is not just about managing the reports you collect. It’s about qualifying the data you’re being provided by checking the provider’s numbers against the reporting your collecting. Checks and balances keep everyone honest, saves money and ensures your marketing budget is maximizing its return.

As the digital marketing world continues to focus on the overall performance of marketing ROI the importance of multi-channel attribution analysis into digital marketing budget planning has never been higher. The need for granular level data continues to grow which leads to the question; do all platforms provide the required data? How do you know if the data being provided is valid?  For example, through the monitoring and management of tracking links digital marketers can know on the most granular level the performance of a link within a social post (e.g. paid vs organic) or the influence of a marketing link within an email.  The centralizing of results of multiple platforms is not only helpful but necessary in order to fully comprehend the performance across the campaign.

ClickMeter is a scalable digital marketing analytics solution that provides digital marketers with the ability to manage and monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns through the use of tracking links. Across the digital marketing spectrum, ClickMeter provides the transparency digital marketers need with real-time analytics in one central platform.  With a month to month billing, ClickMeter is a cost-efficient tool digital marketers can use as a check and balance system. Through the value-add portfolio of tools (conversion tracking, reTargeting, the ability to edit the destination link, redirect based on country, etc..) ClickMeter provides digital marketers with the resources to optimize and increase their click through and conversion rates while monitoring and validating the performance metrics of their service providers.

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Originally posted: 7th December 2015
Last updated: 8 May 2019

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