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After serving nearly 50,000 customers and received tens of thousands of requests we developed (about 12 months ago) the support center: a rich knowledge base about ClickMeter, web marketing and link tracking powered with professional help-desk software. If you cannot quickly found an answer between documents or F.A.Q.s then you can require help by opening a ticket or requesting a live chat.

We are working every day to offer the best possible customer support. ClickMeter provides 24 hours of support during the weekdays and timely monitoring during weekends. Our dedicated support center and Engineering team are always happy to assist, answering questions, providing setup tips and solving problems. We are organized to answer within 24 working hours, but normally the answers come much faster.

24h customer supportIn the above are also included weekends. Stats are after 12 months of activity.

ClickMeter team is located in different countries on three different continents (USA, Canada, Italy, East-Europe, India). We speak English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish and Hindi.

The preferred way to contact us is to open a ticket in our support center but you can also email to support@clickmeter.com (a ticket will be automatically created) or even ask for a live chat: more info here.

Following some tips and general rules:

  • Be sure to check the support center articles before contacting an operator.
  • Be prepared with your questions when you contact us using chat.
  • Higher plans get higher priority.
  • X-Large plans includes a dedicated support account.


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