AWS Summit Keynote: Ingesting Click Data for Analytics

click data for analytics


Last week (April 14, 2016) at AWS Summit Milan, ClickMeter CTO, Francesco Furiani delivered the keynote “Ingesting Click Data for Analytics.”

click data

Anyone working closely with the CTO of their company knows just how difficult, and oftentimes “thankless” the job can be. People seem to only notice when something goes wrong with a customer’s experience, or when the internet isn’t working at world class speeds around the office…

But what about all of the little things behind the scenes the CTO is doing day-in and day-out that make the lives of the staff and your customers so much better?

About AWS Summit Milan

The AWS Summit allows the community interested in the cloud to meet, collaborate, and find out more about AWS solutions. The sessions at the Milan Summit consisted of the following: AWS Services & Live Demo, Enterprise & Security, Big Data & Analytics. All sessions were conducted by AWS experts with the participation of customers who shared their own experiences using the AWS solutions.

click data

Presentation: Ingesting Click Data for Analytics, by ClickMeter CTO, Francesco Furiani

In the presentation, Francesco speaks about the challenges he faces every day as the CTO of a “Big Data” company.

Key takeaways from the presentation:
1. How to overcome the day-to-day challenges of being a CTO
2. How to choose the most effective stack of tools
3. The importance of meeting your customers needs in a timely manner

Check out the PowerPoint presentation here on Slideshare!

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