30+ best ways to Track your Links

Track your links

Ad trackers normally help you discover how many views, clicks and conversions have been generated from your ads (banners, emails, text-links, posts, etc…). Most advanced services (like ClickMeter) also provide additional info about the source and let you compare different creativities and campaigns. Some, including ClickMeter, allow you to redirect visitors based on the special…

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AdWords URL tracking with Upgraded URLs

Upgraded URLs

In the Inside blog (adwords.blogspot.it) Google recently published an interesting news for anyone using AdWords like pro. They are offering a new, easier, way to add parameters to the destination (final) URL. In the past, in fact, you had to attach any additional tracking parameter to the destination URL directly, eg.: www.example.com?creative=12345 The main problems…

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Tid conversion tracking

tid conversion tracking

If you are an affiliate marketer and you’re subscribed to one (or more) of the more popular affiliate networks such ClickBank, Shareasale, LinkShare, CommissionJunction, etc… You may find our tid conversion tracking technique very useful. What is a Tracking ID (TID, SID, CID, U1, AffTrack, etc…) Affiliate networks generate a specific affiliate link to track traffic you…

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Links rotator

Links Rotator

We are happy to announce ClickMeter released the new links rotator. Our new links rotator is one of the best rotator solutions in the market. You can rotate, cloak, track and monitor all your links for free. With ClickMeter If you need to rotate marketing or affiliate links with different criteria you can do so…

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This Poodle does not bite ClickMeter

A vulnerability in the design of SSLv3 was uncovered earlier this week. This vulnerability means that attackers could exploit this weakness and try to decrypt encrypted connections. SSLv3 is 18 years old and the technology behind it is obsolete and insecure. For more info look at the Google announce. Having security in mind, we have…

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