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How to Track Clicks and conversions on Kijiji

kijiji track clicks conversions

LinkedinTwitterFacebookRedditStumbleUponDiggemail  Kijiji is a popular site that can sell your products and services. Being available globally, It gives you an opportunity to expose your business to a wide audience. Kijiji has a good FAQ section to answer any questions a person may have on how to use their process. It even provides videos in some…

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Essential Tools for Local Link Building Success

local link building

LinkedinTwitterFacebookRedditStumbleUponDiggemail  Local link building may seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of tools available that make the project much more manageable. These five are a great place to start. Google My Business Google’s first responsibility is to its users and their recent updates are focused on improving user experience (UX). If your…

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ShareASale review

shareasale review

LinkedinTwitterFacebookRedditStumbleUponDiggemail  ShareASale is one of the top affiliate marketing services available on the Internet today. ClickMeter uses this network as a way to find new affiliates to promote our services. That is why we wrote this ShareASale review. With well over 2,500 merchant contacts, ShareASale presents a broad range of opportunities for affiliates to choose…

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How to exclude some ip address from my reports

exclude ip address

LinkedinTwitterFacebookRedditStumbleUponDiggemail  Sometimes you need to exclude from your reports clicks and views coming from certain computers and networks IP addresses. This is useful especially in case you do not want your company’s internal clicks to be counted or if you noticed too many clicks coming from a particular IP that could be a bot or…

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Different click types: Unique, not unique, spiders…

click types

LinkedinTwitterFacebookRedditStumbleUponDiggemail  What are the differences between the click types? It is the question we just received in our support email from Jenetra. In CM there are four types of clicks: Uniques:
 “Made from a real users” – these clicks represents the number of visitors who clicked on a tracking link or visited a webpage. We…

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