Most popular Internet marketing tools

best marketing tools and resources

As a marketer, you can never have enough resources. Using the right tips, tricks and tools can help make your job easier and your business more successful. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most common marketing tools used by many of today’s businesses and Internet marketers to read together with the article about…

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Meet ClickMeter at Web Summit

Clickmeter @WebSummit

ClickMeter will be at the Web Summit, one of the most important worldwide events for startups taking place in Dublin from 3rd to 5th November. During our time at the venue we will connect with influencers, users, startups and entrepreneurs to show them our product, how it works and what it is. ClickMeter allows brands…

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Monitor health of your links

monitor health short link

In your online marketing activities you create and distribute tons of links. Mostly or your messages through the Web and Emails include at least one link. These links are a great value for you and your company. They are the way people pass before they get to your website. Once created and distributed, these links…

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Promote Your Site on SlideShare

promote slideshare

SlideShare began with the goal to “share knowledge online” and has grown into the world’s largest community for sharing content and presentations. Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare works seamlessly for sharing content with the LinkedIn community. With SlideShare marketing, you can easily upload presentations, infographics, videos, PDFs, and webinars directly to LinkedIn. With 60 million visitors…

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What is Performance Marketing?

what is performance marketing

In 2013, the growing online advertising industry spent about $35 billion. Of that, almost 70 percent of the advertising spend was for performance marketing. Performance marketing, what is that? Performance marketing is most likely the most misunderstood and under appreciated forms of online advertising. Performance Marketing Is The goal of performance marketing is to create…

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