YouTube Video Tracking in ClickMeter

youtube link tracking

YouTube started out as a way for individuals to share their personal videos. However, it has grown into a valuable social media tool for the businesses that contribute valuable content, educational information and entertaining promotional videos. YouTube video tracking is a key way that marketers can make sure they are providing value to viewers while also…

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301 redirect and PageRank optimization

301 redirect seo

All link tracking services (such as ClickMeter) track clicks on your links through URL redirection (also called URL forwarding). The threat is due to the PageRank dilution. In fact all redirect techniques (302, meta refresh, etc…) decrease your link power in search engines (and particularly in Google). The best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice for…

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Advanced IP Privacy in Analytics

advanced ip privacy in analytics

Is your company compliant with privacy laws using a web analytic tool? Although major analytics tools do not associate the identity of the user with data they store, legislation (especially in European countries) is becoming increasingly severe. The main concern is that the IP address sometimes allows identification of the computer or the company the connection…

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