Which Affiliate Marketing Niches Work Best

Which Affiliate Marketing Niches Work Best


Affiliate marketing may as well be the most comfortable way to earn money online. All it takes is to do the thing you do best and that is to publish quality content on your website and get paid for it. 

This is exactly why the affiliate marketing business has been growing steadily over the last few years. A recent study reveals that the global market size of the affiliate industry is going to reach more than $17 billion in 2020. 

There’s more than enough room for everyone to grab a piece of the market share, but things are not that easy after all. If you hope to earn money online, you have to choose a profitable affiliate marketing niche. We will show you how to do it.

Things to Look for When Picking an Affiliate Niche

Before we jump on to the most promising affiliate marketing niches, we need to explain the frequent success indicators. Here are the details you must pay attention to when picking an affiliate niche:

  • Market size: Niche-related market size reports are almost always available online, so you just need to find a trustworthy source such as Statista and learn how much a given niche is worth.
  • Content quantity: Popular products and/or services are likely to generate thousands or even millions of blog posts, social media comments, online reviews, and similar. 
  • Competition: If you notice a niche with little to no competitors, rest assured something is wrong with it. Keep in mind that the most popular and highest-paying industries always attract lots of competitors. 
  • Knowledge: Of course, you should also target a niche that aligns with your content strategy. For example, a typical assignment help agency would look suspicious and distrustful while promoting jewelry or tennis gear. 

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches

Is there a niche that dominates the affiliate market in 2020? Luckily enough, there is more than one answer and we will show you the top 10 solutions. Let’s take a look!

1. Technology

We bet you could see this one coming! Technology is a massive niche with dozens of subcategories suitable for all types of publishers. Jake Gardner, a tech blogger at the dissertation service, claims you can promote various products and services in this niche:

  • Electronic devices like smartphones and PCs 
  • Digital products such as mobile apps and website plugins
  • Hi-tech tools and the latest IT gadgets 

High commissions are the main reason why we put technology atop of the list.

2. Fashion

According to the report, fashion is the most popular affiliate marketing category with nearly 19% of affiliate programs. It’s not a surprise bearing in mind the sheer versatility of the fashion industry and its numerous subdivisions. 

The downside of this niche is that you’ll have to face so many competitors. But then again, every single niche on our list is extremely competitive and you’ll simply have to earn your place with highly authoritative content.

3. Beauty and cosmetics

The third niche on the list goes hand in hand with the previous one. People seem to be obsessed with physical beauty these days and you don’t even have to research the niche to check its market potential. The best thing about beauty and cosmetics is that it spreads globally and targets the vast majority of the world’s population, thus making a gigantic customer base. 

4. Self-improvement

A lot of people are also hoping to improve from within, so they tend to purchase various kinds of motivation guides, books, training programs, online courses, and similar. In the meantime, affiliate marketers seized the opportunity to penetrate the self-improvement niche and earn commissions by promoting lifestyle coaches, motivational speakers, and other gurus of self-improvement.

5. Health and fitness

Health and fitness have always been a profitable affiliate marketing niche, but it seems to be exploding in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. Everybody is paying attention to the latest health-related suggestions in 2020, whereas consumers of all generations invest in fitness equipment and training plans to keep their bodies and their minds in good shape. 

6. Sports

This affiliate marketing niche represents a natural extension of health and fitness. If you are into sports, you can begin promoting sports gear, eBooks, training programs, and all other products or services relevant to the average consumer. The only thing that matters is to have a website that is already sports-oriented so that your affiliate posts don’t look strange to regular visitors.

7. Gaming

Believe it or not, gaming as a niche is estimated to be worth a staggering $93 billion. It’s a mind-blowing figure, but it keeps getting higher in the age of COVID-19. The niche is ideal for content creators who can attract a lot of younger users because typical gamers are single teenagers or individuals in their 20s or 30s. 

8. Finance

It is almost impossible to find a human being not interested in making money, which is exactly what turns finance into a lucrative affiliate marketing niche. From blockchain developers and banks to stock market investors, there are thousands of potential clients who would pay you a serious fee to write about their services or digital products. 

9. Entrepreneurship

The gig economy is on the rise, while millions of young individuals think about starting their own startups. In such circumstances, you can find a myriad of business planners in need of a reliable affiliate publisher. You can promote entrepreneurship guidelines and business apps while earning some serious money in the process.

10. Pets

Finally, we’ve come to the niche that deserved the evergreen status a long time ago. Pet owners love their animals and so they are constantly looking for the best pet-related products and services. You can partner with brands in this niche and hope to make a great income quite soon.

The Bottom Line

The success of your affiliate marketing campaigns depends on many different parameters, but it all starts with picking the right niche. In this post, we showed you the most important profitability indicators and analyzed affiliate marketing niches that proved to generate the finest results. Does any of these affiliate marketing programs seem to suit your interests and content creation strategy?


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